Why The Future Of Digital Security Is Open

No longer can we use “security through obscurity” excuses to explain how so called “closed,” or compiled and obscured, software is more secure. Open source is the future, and is more adaptable and responsive to community demands and security issues. When in doubt, however, open source also allows companies such as ours full access to all code resources, which we can comprehensively scan and analyze, to ensure the most robust level of software security possible for critical environments.


Editor’s note: Lou Shipley is a lecturer at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and president and CEO of Black Duck Software, an open source solutions company.

The topic of digital security often brings to mind the image of bleak and dark future, where computers, mobile devices and other systems are riddled with malware and cyber criminals lurk, ready to steal our data and crash our systems. We have good reason to be nervous. We’ve seen plenty of cyber-security breaches in the past few years, like credit card thefts at Target and password issues at sites like LinkedIn.

Digital security is a major concern. Few other issues affect everyone, from individuals to companies to entire nations. So what is the future of digital security?

One discussion thread centers on email encryption, prompted by Yahoo joining forces with Google and Microsoft to develop an encrypted email system. While…

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