Reimagining Healthcare Through Wearable Tech And Collaboration

Though this could be a revolution in bringing medical device functionality to the masses, there will inevitably be some serious security and privacy concerns that need to be addressed before adoption of a massive scale by enterprise users.


Editor’s note:Unity Stoakes is the co-founder and president of StartUp Health.

Tech giants are making early moves to partner as they see business opportunities emerge in the digital healthcare market.

Earlier in December, we learned that Intel will replace Texas Instruments as the provider of chips for Google Glass. We also learned that the company plans to promote Glass as a workplace-computing device to healthcare workers and that physicians may begin using Glass as an application to record electronic health data.

The union of these two tech titans, joining forces to advance wearable technology and its application to healthcare, is encouraging. But the truth is, the potential for further industry collaboration is just beginning.

While the mainstream has focused largely on the activity-tracker craze, the reality is that opportunity and impact of wearable health is only just beginning. Not only is the movement toward consumerism in healthcare and…

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