U.S. Government Cybersecurity Budget and Anthem Breach Show Need for Stronger Security

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Overshadowed by last week’s news about the data breach at health insurer Anthem Inc. was the Obama administration’s release of its 2016 budget proposal, which earmarked $14 billion for cybersecurity and other key security areas related to “maintaining technological superiority.”

Read our new Chief Security Officer David Kleidermacher’s blog to learn more about Anthem, or read on to learn more about Obama’s proposal. But together these news beg the question: How is your enterprise ensuring it is protected against Anthem-type breaches?

Clear and Present Danger

As Obama’s budget states: “Cyber threats targeting the private sector, critical infrastructure, and the Federal Government demonstrate that no sector, network, or system is immune to infiltration [and] addressing these threats requires a comprehensive approach.”

BlackBerry CEO John Chen spoke to this recently in an op-ed written for The Hill. He wrote that with cyberattacks on the rise, “no organization or government…

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