The Theory Of Intersectionality Can Make Cybersecurity Collaboration Real


[tc_dropcap]Symbolically, the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection was about the White House reaching out to Silicon Valley and the need for collaboration between government, and the manufacturing, finance, and technology industries.[/tc_dropcap]

Substantively, the President signed an Executive Order to encourage the sharing of cyber threat information.

Government outreach efforts often talk about collaboration and working together but usually in a vague, aspirational, kumbaya kind of way. However, for cybersecurity the need for collaboration is pragmatic and pressing.

The ubiquity and power of information technology means that the biggest security risks exist at the intersection of disciplines and communities. Collaboration is the only way to mitigate these risks.

An intersectional perspective allows us to better understand why certain cyber attacks occur and are so damaging.

The recent attacks on Sony have accelerated the Obama administration’s efforts on cybersecurity. But why was the Sony attack such an unmitigated disaster for the moviemaker?

[tc_writerquote align=”right”]While this was definitely a cyber attack, it…

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