Study: Health Care Industry Emails 4X More Likely Fraudulent Than Social Media


WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — A new study finds that information stored and emails sent from within the health care industry have the worst security practices, with such emails being four times as likely to be fraudulent than those from social media outlets such as Facebook.

Health care “trust” ratings scored last among 11 industries surveyed for defense against cyberattacks. The 2014 edition of cybersecurity company Agari’s “State of Email Trust” report analyzed email authentication practices for 147 companies and a major spike was seen in industries across the board, but health providers were the most exposed.

Nearly 30 percent of health care companies surveyed received a “TrustScore” of zero in the Agari study, with banking institutions following right behind.

“We saw a record number of U.S. data breaches in 2014 and cyberattacks are a steady drumbeat of increasing breadth and severity, with the F.B.I. now ranking cybercrime as…

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