In business, why kindness actually pays off


Just a few years ago, how a boss treated her team was not widely visible. Today, with online social networks, we can reference check others quickly and with great fidelity, making one seemingly obvious practice in business all the more important: generosity.

Those who ‘gift small goods,’ as I call offering help in even the most minor ways, strengthen relationships that, in turn, make them more effective. In a world where nobody seems to have time for anything, even modest ‘goods’ are meaningful.

“It’s not as if others will lie across the railroad tracks for you,” LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman explained, “but they will think about how things could be useful for you.” Hoffman described the importance of gifting small goods as we talked about what makes entrepreneurs effective at a Palo Alto café. (He is one of 200 leading entrepreneurs I interviewed for my new book, The Creator’s Code,

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