George Foreman’s best business advice


Have you ever heard of the George Foreman Grill?

The answer is likely yes. The product has sold more than 150 million units. But that isn’t the boxer’s only business hit. In the years since 1994, when he became the oldest heavyweight champion of the world at 45 years old, Foreman has had his hands in a number of entrepreneurial ventures. He trained his son, George “Monk” Foreman III, for Monk’s own boxing career, and then became an investor in Monk’s successful gym in Boston, Everybody Fights. He started a boxing promotion company, Foreman Boys, with his son George Foreman Jr., and they have partnered with Bob Arum to promote seven fights in Macau, China. And, as Fortune reported exclusively this month, he plans to launch an online meat-ordering company, George Foreman’s Butcher Shop, this spring. You can read more about Foreman’s history of reinvention in our profile from the…

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