As DevOps Go From Niche to Mainstream, Will InfoSec Follow?

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Research firm Gartner projects that DevOps, by next year, will move from a niche strategy to a mainstream strategy in place at roughly 25 percent of Global 2000 enterprises this year. This is a chance for enterprises to get security right, if they decide to do the right thing when it comes to information security.

Moving from niche to mainstream is a big deal. DevOps goes a long way to help enterprises clear out of lot of development waste and operational underbrush through increased automation, standardization, and collaboration. Ultimately, enterprises become more agile and responsive to market demands through DevOps.

Along with the acceleration of DevOps acceptance, Gartner predicts that revenue from DevOps toolsets (which it defines as tools purpose-built to support the DevOps philosophy, such as continuous delivery, continuous improvement, infrastructure and configuration as code) and other such toolsets will increase 21.1 percent over the next year, reaching sales of $2.3…

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