Series of Massive Attacks Changing Enterprise Security

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When looking at what enterprise information risks to manage, it’s always the big and dramatic attacks that get media attention: Sony, Target, Hannaford Brothers, Heartland and TJX. But CIOs and CISOs often don’t think attacks of such magnitude will happen to them.

An optimist on the state of enterprise cybersecurity would say that more of the enterprise focus has been on high-probability, low-impact attacks than on high-impact, low-probability attacks. A pessimist would say that enterprises have done nothing more than try to block high-probability, low-impact attacks.

Fortunately, that mindset is starting to change, says market research firm Gartner. According to Gartner, by 2018, 40 percent of large enterprises will have put into place formal plans to mitigate the damage of what Gartner is calling “Aggressive Cybersecurity Business Disruption Attacks.”

From the Gartner news release, Gartner Says By 2018, 40 Percent of Large Enterprises Will Have Formal Plans to Address Aggressive Cybersecurity Business…

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