Your Favorite Browser Just Got Hacked, But Don’t Panic



How can I know what your “favorite browser” is? It doesn’t matter, really; if it’s any one of the four most popular browsers — Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari — it’s just been successfully exploited.

This past week marked the 8th annual Pwn2Own, where security researchers come from near and far to flex their talents. The goal? Demonstrate exploits on the latest builds of popular browsers, get a pile of cash in return.

The good news: because of the nature of the competition, none of the specifics of these exploits are made public until the companies behind the browsers get a chance to patch things up. So while the bugs being exploited here might be lurking in your browser, you’re probably not in danger of actually getting nailed by them before they’re cleaned up.

Mozilla, for example, tells me they’ll have Firefox patched by the end of today…

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