Hacking For Cause: A Growing Cyber Security Trend


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What do the following data-breach headlines from the past year have in common? The Sony Pictures hack: Everything we know so far; Anonymous hackers release emails ordering bear cubs be killedHackers threaten to release names from adultery websiteHow Latest Snowden Leak Is Headache for White House; How DID hackers steal celebrities’ private iCloud photos? Connecting the dots yet? If not, here are a two more headlines to tip you off: Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway – With Me in It and Hacktivists taking aim at Dallas-Fort Worth police departments.

I’ll stop there. But I could go on…

Many Answers, But One Scary Trend

No doubt, there are several similarities to these data-breach headlines. The sophistication of these cyber attackers and the lack of an adequate cyberdefense are common themes in these stories.

But there is one overriding theme. I…

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