Lack of cyber security draws hackers to hospital devices

Imagine if simply typing “password123” into a computer did not open your email account, but an internet-connected medical device responsible for feeding you drugs or monitoring your blood oxygen or insulin levels.

It may sound like the nightmare stuff of fiction, but the lack of basic cyber security on hospital equipment is attracting hackers who want to use them as a way to enter medical networks.

 Experts say that while they have not yet seen someone die as a result of hacking, the risks are growing. Motives for attacks could range from wanting to harvest patient information or stealing intellectual property from medical trials to simply wanting to create chaos.

Devices with default passwords that are left unchanged, and outdated operating systems that are connected to the network, such as medical databases, are all too common in healthcare, says Greg Enriquez, chief executive of TrapX, the cyber security company that works with hospitals around the world.

Read full article on Financial Times…

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