Network security vs. app security: What is the difference and why does it matter?

Cloud computing and mobile applications have expanded the boundaries of the enterprise network, but those applications must also be secured.

If you’re familiar with the film The NeverEnding Story, then you know that the goal of the hero, Atreyu, was to reach the boundaries of Fantasia. He’s disappointed to learn that Fantasia has no boundaries because it’s the land of human fantasy.

In some ways, the land of Fantasia is like network security. Where once there existed a fortress around the perimeter of a land that needed to be protected, those boundaries have expanded, leaving security professionals scratching their heads trying to discern how best to protect the enterprise against invaders.

The idea that time and resources should be invested in either network security or application security is misguided as both are equally as important to securing the enterprise.

Yet, according to a recent Forrester Research report on the state of network security, the largest portion of the security technology spending budget in 2015 was on network security with an expected increase to this budgetary category in the years to come.


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