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The Cloud Could Be Your Best Security Bet

As DevOps Go From Niche to Mainstream, Will InfoSec Follow?

Originally posted on DXC Blogs:
Research firm Gartner projects that DevOps, by next year, will move from a niche strategy to a mainstream strategy in place at roughly 25 percent of Global 2000 enterprises this year. This is a chance for enterprises to get security right, if they decide to do the right thing when it comes…

Lessons in Startup Project Management Part II: The Tools

In a previous post I tried to dispel some of the myth of how entrepreneurs in “hip” startups perceive project management.  It is not (well, it doesn’t have to be) a stodgy, stifling bureaucratic nightmare, and, on the other hand, just calling your operations “Lean” or “Agile” does not mean it is effective project management. […]
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Microsoft Lync Online + Speek = Conferencing Bliss

Let us preface this blog entry by saying up front that Netizen Corporation is not in any way sponsored by these two companies nor did they pay anyone for this content.  We are just avid fans of these particular technologies and choose to share some of what we have learned with them. So, let’s begin. […]
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