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Cybersecurity’s people problem: More millennials needed

Faced with a growing shortage of workers, the cybersecurity industry needs to figure out how to attract a new wave of talent. Nearly one third of organizations are not able to fill their cybersecurity positions, according to a recent survey by the cybersecurity nonprofit ISACA. For another 25 percent, the process takes six months. The […]
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Cybersecurity skills aren’t taught in college

Cybersecurity threats are increasing each year, but businesses report shortage of qualified candidates coming out of undergraduate programs. Preparing the next generation of cybersecurity experts won’t be a quick fix, so business will need to get strategic. Cybersecurity is a growing concern across the globe and businesses are eager to build secure products and keep […]
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Top 10 cybersecurity best practices

More than 4 billion electronic records were stolen in 2016, the result of more than 4,000 data breaches, according to a new report from Risk Based Security. That brings the number of records stolen by hackers to an all-time high. Today, every business — regardless of size, industry or location — is at risk for […]
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Inside the murky world of hackers for hire

Shortly after Christmas, 2011, Ruby Nealon sold the Nintendo Wii games console his mother had bought him to fund an Open University course in computer software. He was 11 and it was the start of his unconventional education as a computer prodigy, which led him to drop out of school and start a full time degree […]
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Survey: Americans have shallow understanding of cybersecurity

SAN DIEGO — When it comes to cybersecurity, Americans recognize the need for strong passwords and know that public Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t necessarily safe for online banking or e-commerce.   But U.S. adults are not as good at recognizing email “phishing” schemes or determining if the website where they’re entering credit card information is encrypted. […]
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Private sector’s national cybersecurity strategy contributions lacking

The private sector operates much of U.S. critical infrastructure, but is it doing enough to further national cybersecurity strategy efforts designed to protect these assets? The U.S. government has been very public about its concern for national cybersecurity. There have been grandiose speeches, presidential declarations and several attempts by the legislature to pass new cybersecurity […]
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Netizen Cyber Threat Intelligence – July 8th, 2015

Welcome to the Netizen IT Threat Intelligence Newsletter.  A complimentary service of Netizen Corporation, intended to help protect your business from the ever growing and ever changing threat of cyber attacks.  ZERO DAY VULNERABILITY ALERT  Microsoft Office – OLE Packager Allows Code Execution In All Office Versions, With Macros Disabled And High Security Templates Applied […]
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Netizen Cyber Threat Intelligence – June 10, 2015

    Welcome to the Netizen IT Threat Intelligence Newsletter.  A complimentary service of Netizen Corporation, intended to help protect your business from the ever growing and ever changing threat of cyber attacks. Massive Data Breach Puts 4 Million Federal Employees’ Records At Risk “(Office of Personnel Management) says people’s names, social security numbers, dates […]
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Health Records Breaches: Why Everyone Should Be Concerned

In the past year, news of health records breaches has increased in number and the size of the breaches has gotten progressively bigger.  These stolen records negatively impact the privacy, safety and security of millions of Americans, yet I do not hear people outside of the healthcare and cybersecurity industries expressing concern over this disturbing […]
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Manufacturing Shouldn’t Be A Dirty Word For Today’s STEM Talent

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
Editor’s note: Vicki Holt is president and CEO of Proto Labs. When most people hear the word “manufacturing,” a few images tend to come to mind: low skill, wrench-turning, physically draining work; dirty, grease-stained workplaces; a male-dominated workforce. For whatever reason, these stereotypes persist, and they are antiquated and misleading. Thanks to…