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Consumer Electronics Association Issues Privacy Guidelines for Health Data Collection

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) issued a set of voluntary privacy guidelines for health technology companies that collect consumers’ wellness data through health and fitness devices. According to CEA, the guidelines, called Guiding Principles on the Privacy and Security of Personal Wellness Data, represent consensus among the trade association 2,000 members on how companies should […]
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VA Secretary: Open source is the only way to operate

Veterans Affairs Department Secretary Bob McDonald voiced his support for open source technology July 30, as he outlined a broad reform plan that includes streamlining information technology and taking a more “holistic” look at customer service. “We have over 200 databases with customer information. That means if you want to change your address, you have […]
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Congress Finds HHS Information Security Practices Lacking

A year-long investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee into information security protocols at the Department of Health and Human Services finds “serious structural flaws” that leave HHS vulnerable to cyber attacks. “What we found is alarming and unacceptable,” said Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Tim Murphy (R-Penn.), […]
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Health Records Breaches: Why Everyone Should Be Concerned

In the past year, news of health records breaches has increased in number and the size of the breaches has gotten progressively bigger.  These stolen records negatively impact the privacy, safety and security of millions of Americans, yet I do not hear people outside of the healthcare and cybersecurity industries expressing concern over this disturbing […]
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Healthcare Data Breaches, By The Numbers [infographic]

Reimagining Healthcare Through Wearable Tech And Collaboration

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
Editor’s note: Unity Stoakes is the co-founder and president of StartUp Health. Tech giants are making early moves to partner as they see business opportunities emerge in the digital healthcare market. Earlier in December, we learned that Intel will replace Texas Instruments as the provider of chips for Google Glass. We…